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Why the cost?

In 2022, we had the incredible opportunity to share our content with over 350,000 men and women who are incarcerated in penitentiaries across the country through our strategic partnership with God Behind Bars. Because of this partnership, over the course of just one year, our content has had nearly 1 million views, more than 17,000 subscribers, and most importantly, we saw well over 2,000 decisions for Christ made by people who are currently in prison! We are ecstatic to say the least.

The price of your subscription to TheAltar.tv helps to offset the cost associated with spreading the hope of Christ and the message of the Kingdom as we continue our partnership with God Behind Bars. While we believe the gospel is the free gift of God, there are obviously costs associated with the infrastructure it takes to record, edit, broadcast, and moderate this content. Every dollar made through on TheAltar.tv will be used to help further our digital ministry and reach into places that most of us will never physically see. Thank you for believing in the ministry of The Altar Fellowship and thank you for partnering with the advancement of His Kingdom! The best is yet to come!